Identity Guidelines

Creative Direction

The Harvard name resonates worldwide, and the shield, crimson, and architecture convey a legacy of excellence and visionary leadership. The new Harvard Business School (HBS) identity reimagines the globally-recognized symbols of the School for an innovative and inclusive future. HBS is forward-looking, global, and inclusive. By using the new identity system across communications, the visual voice of the School will match the School’s desired brand perceptions.

Explore and learn how to best use the identity system, see examples to inspire marketing efforts, and find links for asset downloads.

Desired Brand Perceptions

  • Engaged
  • Global
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative
  • Inspiring
  • Visionary


The new identity system introduces a modern wordmark locked up with the established shield.


The identity system incorporates a contemporary spectrum of colors with each hue and value chosen to complement and enliven crimson.


A contemporary sans serif typeface anchors and unites the nimble system. HBS Graphik is defined by its distinctiveness and flexibility and offers a broad family of weights and widths.


The patterns are made from distinct architectural elements to evoke the beloved campus—as well as networks and pathways—implying an ever-expanding knowledge base.

Abstract forms suggest layers of rich dialogue, cycles of testing and iteration, and the spark of inspiration. The precise renderings lean analytical, but dramatic scale shift and asymmetry keep designs active and engaging.


The graphic illustrations of the cherished Baker Library building and tower offer another layer of imagery that provides a contemporary nod to the campus.


Google Material Icons are included in the design system to allow for a more graphic approach to the design, or to provide supplemental imagery when appropriate photography is not available.


Photography recommendations provide a framework for choosing or shooting portraits, students/faculty in the classroom, students on campus, campus/architecture, and events.


Examples of brochure covers, business papers, online banner ads, campus banners, and email newsletters demonstrate how to successfully combine various image types, patterns, and colors.


New Web designs will be introduced in 2022.

The old guidelines are available here.


New guidelines for intro/outro forthcoming.