Photography plays a key role in HBS materials. Choose photos based on audience, message, and concept. When hiring a photographer, look for someone whose style feels fresh and modern (shooting guidelines for photographers can be found below).

Online Photo Library

To provide cost-effective and high-quality imagery of the campus, staff/faculty, and students to use in HBS print and web publications, we offer a photo library online.

Accessing Images

You can access the photo database at the following address:

User account = HBSweb
Password = sch00l
(0’s are zeros; last character is a lower case “L”)

A How-To Guide is available here: How-To Guide (pdf).

Requesting Images

The thumbnail images in the database are watermarked and intended for reference only. To obtain an image for use on the Web or in print, use the order form (shopping cart button) or contact Ailyn Pestana with a list of filenames (found above the photo in single-image view; see below).

Note that when you download an FPO image, the filename does not come with it, so you will need to keep track of those yourself. Please also include a description of the materials in which the photos will be used, and if it is a time-sensitive request, the date you need them by as well. Otherwise, we try to fill all requests within 2 business days.

Usage Rights

The usage rights for the images vary and are listed in the sidebar of each photo, listed under “Select Usage Rights.” Be advised that most images will incur a fee for any use other than as part of marketing materials produced by the School (with the exception of club materials—see the Students Clubs page for more information).

If you are under budget constraints, we advise that you filter your search by usage rights using the featured content screen upon login or using saved searches in the sidebar. (Most parties on campus will find that “School-wide” is best—this will include Clubs & Unlimited photos as well.)

Shooting New Photography

  • Capture representational—not contrived—diversity (age, gender, race, people with disabilities, etc.)
  • Images should be shot at very high resolution for potential use as full-bleed at print resolution
  • Photo setups should be shot both horizontally and vertically for flexibility in layout
  • Pull back on perfect camera view to accommodate designer crops and bleeds
  • Consider using a shallow depth of field so the focus is on the subject, not the background
  • Use natural or bright, clean, cool light whenever possible
  • Use high contrast and saturated color
  • Show subjects looking up or engaged—avoid images of people looking down
  • Remove food/beverages/labels from frame and obscure names to the extent possible

To hire a photographer and schedule a photoshoot, contact Ailyn Pestana.


  • Bright, airy
  • High contrast, saturated color
  • Natural skin tones
  • Use of relevant props or context when appropriate
  • Setup shots with a sense of personality if possible


  • Bright, clean, cool light
  • High contrast, saturated color
  • Natural skin tones
  • Shallow depth of field
  • Subjects appear actively engaged
  • Close crops from a low perspective to make the viewer feel like a participant
  • Unusual perspectives or crops

Students on Campus

  • Bright, clean, cool light—avoid harsh light
  • High contrast, saturated color
  • Natural skin tones
  • Shallow depth of field


  • Bright, clean, cool light
  • High contrast, saturated color
  • Strong composition
  • Active use of space (including blurred people in motion)


  • Bright, natural light when possible
  • Shallow depth of field with focus on individuals (which helps minimize food and drink in frame)
  • Crop out food and drink when possible