Icons can be used to provide a more graphic approach to represent concepts when needed or if appropriate imagery is not available.

HBS icons should be minimal, bold, friendly, geometric, 1-color, heavy mono-weight stroke, and generally fit into a square. Icons should be simple while still projecting sophistication. Avoid straying into the more whimsical or “cartoony” territory. Avoid the use of fine lines and gradient shading.

Google Material Icons are used as part of the design system due to their versatility, clean lines, and vast library. We recommend using the Outlined design set to allow for more white space, color play, and to connect with the other design elements.

Sample Icons

This is a small sample set of available icons. There are many more to choose from depending on the design needs. Download Sample Icon Library [40MB EPS]

Icon Library

A library of thousands of searchable Material Icons can be found here: fonts.google.com/icons. SVG and PNG files are available for download.