Split Article Topper


id: CT-002-004-00
data-region: ct__article__split

The Split Article Topper starts articles with a title, subtitle, primary color theme, secondary spot theme, prominent image in a visual split, left and right. The left side displays the text. The right side requires a single image.

  • Primary Color Themes: light, dark, white, crimson, red, black
  • Secondary Spot Themes: see expanded palette
  • Visible Content Fields: title, subtitle, overline, byline, image
  • Instances per Page: one

How it Works

  • Content creators pick a color theme, spot theme, and author bylines
  • Title, subtitle, topic overline, and image are pulled in automatically from article content


Aspect Ratio (recommended)Width (proportional)Height (proportional)Scaling Behavior
4:3 or 3:4Crops uniformly left and rightFixedHeight is fixed; width will crop (uniformly left and right) on mobile.

Will appear horizontal on desktop, vertical on tablet, and square-ish to slightly vertical on phone.


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