Grid List


The Grid List component displays multiple items of text in a visual grid.

  • Alignment Options:
    • Big Style: full
    • Small Style: center, wide, full
  • Color Themes: none
  • Visible Content Fields: list of text items, image, CTA link
  • Instances per Page: none to multiple

How it Works

  • Content editors select a large or small style and add multiple text items
  • Image, title, and CTA link are optional


    Aspect Ratio (recommended)Width (proportional)Height (proportional)Scaling Behavior
    3:4N/AN/AScales proportionally down to tablet. No image on phone view.


    Big Style

    id: CB-005-002-00
    data-region: cb__grid-lists__big

    with media

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    with media and header

    Explore in Storybook

    with no media

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    Small Style

    with header

    id: CB-005-001-00
    data-region: cb__grid-lists__small

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    with three columns

    id: CB-005-001-02
    data-region: cb__grid-lists__small__linklist

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