Hero Tease


The Hero Tease component presents a large visual format to tease an HBS story or other editorial piece. Much or all of the tease content will be pulled from the story itself.

  • Alignment Options: full
  • Color Themes: light, dark, white, crimson, purple, blue, red, black
  • Visible Content Fields: title, subtitle, topic overline, attribution, image
  • Instances per Page: none to multiple

How it Works

  • Content editors pick a layout and a story to tease
  • Overline category, title, subheading, attribution, and image is pulled from the story chosen


Aspect Ratio (recommended)Width (proportional)Height (proportional)Scaling Behavior
3:2Fixed*Fixed*Text block covers increasing amount of lower-left section of image as browser width decreases.

*Images will auto-crop based on the limiting dimension.


Card Style

id: CB-007-003-00
data-region: cb__hero-tease__card

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Flat Stacked Style

id: CB-007-005-00
data-region: cb__hero-tease__flat-stacked

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Flat Side-By-Side Style

id: CB-007-004-00
data-region: cb__hero-tease__flat-side-by-side

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Text Only Style

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