Media Carousel


The Media Carousel component presents three or more media assets in a horizontally-advancing slideshow.

  • Alignment Options: full
  • Color Themes: none
  • Visible Content Fields: list of media
  • Instances per Page: none to multiple

How it Works

  • Content editors select three or more media assets


Aspect Ratio (recommended)Width (proportional)Height (proportional)Scaling Behavior
4:3 or 16:9Fixed*Fixed*Scales down proportionally on mobile. Video can use standard 16:9 thumbnail.

*Images will auto-crop based on the limiting dimension.


with Images

id: CB-010-000-00
data-region: cb__media-carousel

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with Kaltura Embeds

id: CB-010-000-05
data-region: cb__media-carousel__kaltura

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