Statistics Group 


id: CB-015-000-00
data-region: cb__statistics

The Statistics Group component displays a list of numerical statistics with optional image and CTA link.

  • Alignment Options: center, wide, full
  • Color Themes: none
  • Visible Content Fields: header, CTA link, image, list of numerical statistics
  • Instances per Page: none to multiple

How it Works

  • Content editors select a layout and write a collection of numerical statistics. We do not show every permutation in the examples below, but each block can contain between 2–6 statistics.
  • Images are optional — if used they can appear either next to the statistics (side-by-side style) or below the statistics (stacked style)


Aspect Ratio (recommended)Width (proportional)Height (proportional)Scaling Behavior
3:2Crops uniformly left and rightFixedHeight is fixed; width will crop (uniformly left and right) on mobile.

Image goes from horizontal to vertical appearance on phone.


Side-by-side style with 6 stats and header

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Side-by-side style with 6 stats

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Stacked with 4 stats

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No Media with 3 stats

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